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201,304,316 stainless steel swage terminal their use of the environment

Dec 30, 2017


What type of stainless cable swage stud is better on home decoration balcony handrail ? The current balcony fence more stainless steel cable guardrail, for stainless steel swage fittings, the market mainly based on the type of stainless steel to open the price level. According to the material to be divided, stainless steel cable fittings main 201stainless swage terminal stud, 304swage stud, 316 lifeline stud. Three common types. Three stainless steel wire rope fitting requirements of the use of different environments.

201stainless swage terminal stud Use of the environment: 201stainless cable stud, containing less nickel. Its resistance to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media relatively poor ability. Mainly suitable for some dry environment, at the same time need to avoid having a weak corrosive air environment.

304swage stud Use of the environment: 304swage stud for 1/8 cable or 3/16 cable, 304stainless steel cable

railing a wider use of the environment, the price living in two stainless steel between the two, in addition to the seaside contours of water-rich environment, can be used.

316 lifeline stud Use of the environment: 316 railing hardware is the guardrail of the three most common railings with the highest corrosion resistance and corrosion protection. But its price is relatively high, generally used in the seaside or industrial areas (the air is rich in acidic medium).


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