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Anchor shackle

May 23, 2018

Anchor shackle are used as rigging elements and various ship devices. The anchor shackle consists of a backrest, paws with eyes and a pin. The pin in the bracket is held by cutting at the end of the pin and in one of the eyes, or by a cotter pin inserted into the holes in the foot and pin. With a threaded connection, the head of the pin has a small shoe, in which a svayka is laid to screw and unscrew the pin. The threaded connection allows fast fixing or giving away rigging hardware, stopper, block, connect or disconnect the rigging chains and cables. According to the form of the backrest, the staples are direct and rounded. 

Anchor shackle are used for any cable, and rounded - only for plant and synthetic. Anchor shackle are used for fast joining (splicing) of cables and making loops at the ends of cables. The size of the anchor shackle is determined by the diameter of its back and is characterized by a number that corresponds to the allowable working force on the bracket. The number is knocked out on the bottom of the clamp foot together with the manufacturer's trademark. Approximate numerical value of permissible working force on the bracket, H: straight line p = 4,8d2 rounded where d and - diameter, respectively, of a straight and rounded staple, mm. To operate are allowed only serviceable staples that do not have cracks, shells, burrs and other defects. The head of the pin must be straight and fit snugly against the side support surface of the eyelet. For threaded pins, the thread must not have torn threads. The rubbing parts of the staples, as well as the cutting of the pins and eyelets, are regularly lubricated. Use of shackle with wear 10% of the original thickness is not allowed. Anchor shackle are stored in a dry place in a suspended state.(from www.teradahardware.com)

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