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Bruce Boat Anchor for yatch

Mar 29, 2018

The Stainless Steel Bruce Boat Anchor is a single-latch anchor that resembles a naval anchor with only one claw but it is slightly larger. This type of anchor has a greater claw force than a naval anchor. The positioning anchors of various engineering vessels are commonly used in dredgers to ensure that the vessels do not move during dredging operations. Stainless Steel Bruce Boat Anchor is an indispensable device for ensuring the safety of a ship. Stainless Steel Bruce Boat Anchor mainly consists of anchor crowns, pin shafts, anchors, anchor shanks, anchors (also called crossbars or stabilizers) and anchor shackles.

Stainless Steel Bruce Boat Anchor's Drop Method

Anchoring and mooring of ships is a common method of mooring. The process is roughly as follows: the anchors on the ship connected with anchor chains or anchors are thrown into the water and ground, and they are bitten into the soil. The holding force generated by the anchor is consolidated with the bottom of the water, and the ship is firmly anchored in a predetermined position. Different water areas, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, and the method of throwing anchors are different. Commonly used methods include anchor anchorage, tail anchorage anchoring and anchorage anchoring.

1. Bow anchor

The bow anchored, there are two kinds of cast single boat anchor and double boat anchor. Under normal circumstances, only a single boat anchor can be used to secure the vessel, and only when the storm is particularly large and the anchorage is large and narrow, the double boat anchors are thrown. When the bow is anchored, the external forces such as wind force, water flow force and wave impact force are the smallest, so this method is the main way of anchoring and mooring, and it is also the main reason why the main anchor is arranged at the bow. There is only one first anchor on a very small ship and fishing boat. In addition to this, any ship is equipped with two main anchors at the bow. When the ship is up to a certain degree, a separate main anchor, also known as a wind-resistant anchor, should be provided on board.

2. Stern anchor

Stern boat anchors are mostly used on river boats and landing craft. When the river-going vessel sails down the river to the downstream, it is necessary to ensure safety and avoid turning the head and often use the stern to anchor the boat anchor. In the landing operation of the landing ship, with the cooperation of the host, the vessel that had left the beach was pulled down to the beachhead by the pulling force of the windlass.

3, the first anchor

If you want to make the berthing ship always use the ship's side, when facing the wind direction, the anchoring method is used. The method of anchoring head and tail is generally to throw the main anchor from the top wind direction, connecting a cable from the stern around the outside of the ship's side to the main chain that has been thrown out, and then releasing some of the main chain cables. Another method Yes, after the first anchor is thrown, the tail anchor is thrown from the tail. The tail boat anchor is usually transported away with a small boat. The tail boat anchor is generally smaller than the main anchor, about 1/3 of the main anchor.

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