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Cable Railing Protecter Sleeve Manufacturer

Jan 22, 2018

The stainless steel cable railing protector sleeves have been a Special treatment. This hole protector sleeves uses the most advanced magnetic ultrasonic technology for surface treatment, can be all-round no dead ends on the product surface Photometric processing, cut the maximum extent to protect the product size, will not cause subtle destruction of the product, is the current surface Processing more advanced treatment, at the same time with our professional surface treatment solution, you can make non-standard salt spray test non-compliance stainless steel protector sleeves products, after our surface treatment standards. This surface treatment of the cable railing sleeves product not only improved antioxidant capacity, but also the cable railing protector sleeves surface is very bright and beautiful. Some products through our reasonable treatment, and even the appearance of traditional hand-polished mirror feeling, has now been widely used in food-grade hardware surface treatment. And the entire surface treatment process of environmental pollution, reducing industrial damage to the environment, so which make Terada hardware contribute to the blue sky green activities of their own. 

Terada cable railing protecter sleeve is constantly innovating. We devote ourselves to developing more suitable products for customers. Due to its deeper aperture, this product can better protect the cable. The thin film can hide the rope in the invisible, Angle makes the product more beautiful, coupled with specially treated surface, can give customers a different feeling, choose this product can bring you unprecedented experience, experience a different technology under the new cable railing protecter sleeve.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

cable railing protector sleeve.jpg

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