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Cable Rails Advantages

May 17, 2018

Cable rails are protective fences that use horizontal or vertical ropes instead of spindles, glass, mesh and so on. Often they are used instead of traditional handrails to achieve a more airy look. Usually ropes are thinner than traditional peaks. A modern, aesthetic look makes such rails very popular. So, this collection is devoted to just such rails.

The observer's eyesight easily ignores thin cables, it seems that they do not exist at all. Your interior will look more spacious, because it's a completely inconspicuous railing. Also they are compatible with most styles. Although not with everyone. These rails are easy to install, and they are also budget.

Cable rails or handrails from wire ropes are safety barriers that use horizontal or vertical cables instead of spindles, glass, grids, etc. for filling. Cable rails are often desirable instead of traditional pickets to achieve an almost unobstructed appearance, as the cable is much thinner than traditional pickets. In addition, a more modern aesthetic and often choose it for this reason. If you are interested in such railing, it's time to take a look at the ideas and find out some pros and cons to decide if you want to install them or not. Fittings and cables are usually made of 316L stainless steel, so they require almost no maintenance and are sufficiently strong and durable. Compared to wooden handrails, which require regular maintenance, cable rails require little attention. Fold all the costs on the wooden railing, and the price of cable immediately seems much lower.

The main disadvantage of such handrails is that it is dangerous to install them in houses where families with small children and pets live, because they can climb through the cables. You can put a vertical railing for greater security.

Cable rails make space modern, light. They do not create boundaries and do not break space into parts. Vertical railings are more evident, but also not very noticeable. Cable rails fit in modern, rustic, minimalist style and many others.(FROM www.teradahardware.com)


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