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Deck Posts

Jul 25, 2018

We sell the best stainless steel cable railing systems due to the quality of materials used and the modern design. These awesome quality stainless steel cables, fittings, and posts will improve the look of your home or office.

About deck posts

  • Deck Posts are made of stainless steel. Powder coating can be color matched to your windows.

  • Our Commercial-Grade Deck Posts are the heaviest on the market.

  • Top and bottom stainless steel plates are tig welded on.

  • Powder coat is commercial grade and made to last.

  • In-stock deck railing posts are 36″ high. 36″ deck railing posts are residential height and require 10 cables.

  • Commercial height deck railing posts are 42″ and require 12 cables. The 42″ deck posts are not in stock and require 4-6 weeks before shipping.

  • Maximum distance between deck railing posts is 48″; however, we recommend 42″ or less.

  • Cables are 1/8″ stainless steel.

  • Cable fittings are made by the Cable Connection in Carson City, NV.

  • All deck railing posts are manufactured in Lincoln, NE.

  • We handle custom deck railing orders and custom deck railing colors.

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