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How to choose suitable stainless steel wire rope sleeve

Jan 25, 2018

Due to the international application of the error caused by stainless steel wire rope sleeve compression cracking, the reason is calculated when the aluminum sleeve diameter, there is no accurate choice of connector number.

Selection of stainless steel pipe processing stainless steel wire rope sleeve, if it is greater than 20 wire rope metal section in the 113mm2-157mm2 when the mold should be 20, the metal cross-sectional area of 157mm2-195mm2 when the mold used should be 22, the metal cross-section Area of 195mm2-245mm2, the mold should be used for the 24th. If the metal cross-sectional area of more than 157mm2 and 195mm2, still selected 20 die suppression, due to cross-sectional area is too large, stainless steel wire rope sleeve wall thinning, resulting from the expansion of the force. Even if not rupture, after aging or after bearing will rupture. If the metal cross-sectional area of 113mm2-157mm2 use 22, 24 mold pressing, there will be no tripping phenomenon, because at this time the amount of filling is not enough (lack of compression also produce tripping).

Some manufacturers driven by profit, arbitrarily narrow stainless steel wire rope sleeve weight, resulting in product size can not meet the requirements, resulting in the rope can not step up or rupture. As the saying goes, no good goods cheap, good goods are not cheap, a price of a sub-goods. Sometimes customers squeeze the manufacturer in order to lower their purchase price when purchasing the product. Manufacturers sometimes compromise the price in order to maintain a long-term relationship, but in order to make the expense, the manufacturer has to pay attention to it elsewhere. Good Manufacturers may work hard to improve the process, improve efficiency, but many manufacturers will cut corners to achieve the purpose of low-cost and profit.

TERADA HARDWARE, has always insisted its own philosophy, preferring not to do this order, but also to ensure the quality, not temporary interests damage their long-term reputation and customers, we only qualified products at reasonable prices. At the same time TERADA HARDWARE in order to adapt to the trend of national environmental protection and industrial upgrading will gradually build itself as a high-end product manufacturers, better quality service to customers.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

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