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How to choose your stainless steel cable railing hardware

Dec 31, 2017

Choosing cable railings for balconies, stairs and outdoor platforms will depend on the size and scope of the project. Due to too many variables,The cost of the cable armrest will vary depending on size, style and installation method. This is a general example of the difference in cost between machine-pressed and hand-pressed stainless steel railings. Machine type systems require more accurate cable measurements when ordering, but do not require swaging tools for installation. The hand press system provides more flexibility because of the precise cut made during the installation.These figures highlight the cost of a typical wire rope armrest, not the exact figure. Our cable guard assembly is intended to run horizontally from the fixed end, through the middle leg and fixed or tensioned on the opposite leg.

We recommend choosing a lag screw swage stud or swage terminals, it can easily tighten stainless wire rope. This type of wire rope, which does not require too thick, can also increase the cable span margin to 50 feet in the assembly's closed body turnbuckle. threaded swage toggle can also increase your running span. For corners, it is advisable to terminate the cable and resume operation when the orientation changes. Experienced contractors sometimes set a continuous turn around, but this affects the permissible wire rope span, so adding a threaded swab to pipe or pipe body turnbuckle will solve the problem. If you choose to place the cable in one corner, the 1x19 cable typically has a maximum angle of 45 ° to maintain cable integrity and can be achieved by using two column angles. Configuring the location of the end and intermediate posts is the first step in designing a cable gland system design. It is necessary to determine your cable length, the number of cables and components, as well as any additional hardware necessary to attach to the post and to adapt to the angle of operation.

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