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How to Identify the Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Closed Body Turnbuckle

Dec 30, 2017

 Stainless steel closed body turnbuckle As the most popular architectural decoration materials in the present building, it can be said that the sales in the fence market are very hot. Stainless steel closed body turnbuckle with its high anti-corrosion properties, impact resistance and other characteristics, by the blitz of consumers. good quality stainless steel closed body turnbuckle is the decisive factor affecting the decoration of stainless steel handrail. Stainless steel railings do not understand the knowledge of consumers, it is difficult to identify the inferior stainless steel pipe body turnbuckle.

The first is to use the naked eye to see: a look of luminosity, color, see if the color is uniform, bright, second see if there are intact, with or without defects. Followed by hand weigh the weight of Orchid, because the turnbuckle pipe body thick and thin, easy to distinguish the quality of the product by weight. Finally, feel, first, touch the surface to see if the smooth, surface treatment is good.


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