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Let the manufacturers tell you six advantages of cable railing banister

Jan 26, 2018

Cable railing banister is commonly used in the balcony of household items, balcony can be said to be the only home to allow passers-by to see part of the scene, and many tasteful people put the balcony to develop into a small home compartment as the same. TERADA HARDWARE below to introduce the advantages of cable railing banister .


 1, High strength. Due to its special construction, the cable railing guardrail is very strong and more elastic and impact-resistant, with good fatigue resistance. This greatly improves the security advantages of railings and protection.

 2, Simple and elegant. Cable railing banister in color simple and comfortable, regardless of the occasion, are suitable, can reflect its generous and beautiful features, very practical, and the glass fence will not increase the visual burden, bright and simple.

 3, Corrosion-resistant. As long-term outdoor, inevitably due to the wind and rain led to railings corrosion, such as iron fence, it is easy to rust cause corrosion, and stainless steel cable railing fence is not in this regard.

4, Easy to install. Everyone can understand the installation through her combination of devices, the device is simple and fast. Take a simple socket connector for device, can greatly improve the speed of the device.

 5, Green.  cable railing banister environmental pollution, will not produce any adverse natural results, but also in the use of the process will not hurt people or things.

 6, Long service life. Due to the high strength stainless steel swage stud terminal hardware, the guard rails do not fade and crack easily, or a series of unfavorable conditions lead to long service life and can be used for decades if properly maintained.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

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