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Link Chain Itroductions

Jul 01, 2018

The chain is generally a metal chain ring or ring, used for mechanical transmission, traction. Chains used to block traffic passages (such as in streets, rivers, or harbour entrances), mechanical transmission chains.

1. The chain consists of four series: transmission chain; conveyor chain; drag chain; special professional chain

2. A series of often metal chain links or rings: chains used to impede traffic passages (such as in streets, rivers or harbor entrances); chains for mechanical transmission;

3, the chain can be divided into short-pitch precision roller chain; short-pitch precision roller chain; heavy-duty drive bending plate roller chain; cement machinery chain, plate chain; high-strength chain. 

Basic category of chain

Chains are divided into four types: transmission chain, conveyor chain, traction chain and special special chain according to different purposes and functions.

1, the transmission chain: mainly used to transmit power chain.

2, conveyor chain: mainly used to transport the material chain.

3. Traction chain: Mainly used for pulling and lifting chains.

4. Special special chain: It is mainly used for the special mechanical device, with special function and structure of the chain.

Chain structure

In similar products, the chain structure is divided according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the components, the parts and parts that mesh with the chain, and the ratio of the parts. There are many types of chains, but their basic structure is only the following, and the rest are all variants of these types. We can see from the above several kinds of chain structure, most of the chain is composed of chain plates, chain pins, bushings and other components. Other types of chains have only made different changes to the chain plates according to different requirements. Some have installed scrapers on the chain plates, some have mounted guide bearings on the chain plates, and some have mounted rollers on the chain plates, etc. These are all for retrofit applications in different applications.

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