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Marine Anchor Type and Characteristics

Mar 09, 2018

There are many kinds of anchors, which are roughly divided into four types: rod anchors, rodless anchors, big claw force anchors, and special anchors, and more than ten kinds of anchors.

Rod Marine Anchor

Marine Anchors with crossbars are rod anchors. This type of Marine anchor is characterized by a claw hooked into the soil, when the anchor is towed in the sea floor, the crossbar can prevent the claw tipping over, play a stabilizing role. There are anchor in the navy anchor, delo anchor, single-claw anchor and Japanese anchor.

NavalMarine Anchor: It is the oldest typical rod anchor, also known as ordinary anchor. This type of Marine anchor has a large grip and can firmly seize all kinds of soil, but it is inconvenient to accommodate. Modern large ships are not used as main anchors. They only serve as anchors on small vessels and small river boats, and on naval lifeboats and engineering vessels. Can be used as a homework anchor.

Hierarchy Marine Anchor: It is a naval Marine anchor whose anchor can rotate. In use, when one claw in the soil, the other claw that can go to the Marine anchor handle and close. This type of Marine anchor is more convenient to use than a naval anchor, but its grip is smaller than that of naval anchors. It only uses one bolt to connect the anchor shank, which is of poor safety. Therefore, it can only be used on sailing ships and river boats. The anchorage is generally not more than one ton.

Single-claw Marine anchors: Just like a naval anchor, there is only one claw, but its size is larger. This type of anchor has a greater claw force than a naval anchor. The positioning anchors of various engineering vessels are commonly used in dredgers to ensure that the vessels do not move during dredging operations.

Japanese-style Marine anchor: It is a double-claw Marine anchor used on Japanese fishing boats. The crossbar is fixed under the Marine anchor crown. This not only maintains the advantage of large grip, but also facilitates collection.(TERADA HARDWARE/www.teradahardware.com)


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