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Parallel type press plate thread type terminal

Sep 30, 2017

The parallel type press plate type thread terminal is the most widely used wiring terminal. It has the advantages of simple process, convenient processing and low cost. Pressboard and screw materials are generally made of A3 steel. After heat treatment, the surface is galvanized, which can achieve higher strength and corrosion resistance. Usually, the conductive strip and the pressing plate of the terminal can press the impression of some transverse stripes or meshes, etc. when the screw is tightened, the transverse stripes can damage the surface of the conductor, and the contact area is increased, so that the conductor is difficult to escape. The drawback of this connection is the largest wire to press the two different wire diameter, pressure plate and the conductive strips remain parallel, screwing screws, lifting plate, two wires of different diameters of larger diameter conductors only pressing line.

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