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Quality inspection of screw bolt

Jun 30, 2018

For the detection of screw head forming, in the screw forming process, the production of the screw is first tested. A good mold can produce a good screw product. This is a machine inspection of the production of screws, which is conducive to safe and smooth production. The appearance of the formed screw is checked to see if there is any burr, and the length of the forming screw is tested. Look at the size of these dimensions are not in line with the national standard or the specific requirements of customers.

In the second is the detection of the screw fangs. The first thing that screw fangs occupies is the dental plate. The teeth that come out of good teeth should be able to pass through the rules. Pass the rules and regulations. There is also the detection of the thread pitch of the teeth. It must also meet the national standards for screws or customer requirements.

Finally, the color of the plated screws and the salt spray test are tested. Look at the color of the screws that are plated back. How smooth is the surface of the screw? The salt spray test detects the rust time of the screw or the number of hourly salt fog screws that will rust. After the inspection of the screw shipments. The method is to pick out the failed screws. Give the best quality screws to your customers. Guarantee screw quality.

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