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Railway accessories have developed rapidly over the years

Sep 30, 2017

Railway accessories are components of a railway line. The tracks here contain many components. As a whole engineering structure, the track is laid on the subgrade and plays a guiding role in the train operation, and it directly bears the tremendous pressure of the rolling stock and its load. Under the driving force of the train, its components must have enough strength and stability to ensure the safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation of the train at the prescribed maximum speed. In the annual Ministry of Railways vehicle procurement, in addition to new mileage to bring new vehicle demand, but also contains a large part of the vehicle replacement needs. Railway fittings rapid development over the past few years, in the background of the railway parts under high speed and heavy load, in order to achieve hundreds of kilometers per hour or more than dozens of tons of heavy equipment, must meet the need of high speed and heavy load, safe and reliable and high quality railway accessories, which will directly add vehicle parts demand soon on high technology, new a generation of products and technology will have a very big development space. Since eight years ago launched the great leap forward development of the railway project since Chinese railway construction investment has increased substantially, seven years ago, the railway infrastructure construction investment and investment for the purchase of vehicles more than five years ago, double the growth to six years ago, the national railway fixed assets investment reached Liaqianduoyi yuan. More related products, fish plate, elastic strip.

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