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Safety Hook

Jul 05, 2018

(1) Pets Dog Single Hook. The opening and closing mechanism is a spring tongue automatic reset type, and a self-locking pin formed by a safety pin, a compression spring and a nail is mounted on the lock arm. When opening the hook, lift the wrench with your finger to disengage the safety pin and press the lock arm down to open the lock arm. If the lock arm is released, the lock arm is automatically reset under the elastic force of the return spring, and the self-locking pin closes the safety pin by the outward elastic force of the opening and closing mechanism, and the compression spring tightens the safety pin to lock the lock arm. .

(2) The "D"-shaped safety hook is composed of two parts: the hook body and the lock arm. The opening and closing mechanism is a spring tongue automatic reset type, and the lock arm part has two kinds of insurance structure design: twisting self-locking and thread hand lock, and self-locking structure lock. The arm is equipped with a rotary compression spring, the lock arm sleeve can be automatically reset and locked, the hand lock structure has an arm on the lock arm, and the rotary lock arm sleeve can open and lock the Pets Dog Single Hook.


The material of the Pets Dog Single Hook is usually made of stainless steel, alloy steel or aluminum alloy. Steel safety hooks are hard and heavy, suitable for connecting anchor points or in contact with sharp metal equipment, such as safety harnesses and lowers. The breaking load of the aluminum alloy shackle is not inferior to that of the steel product. The aluminum safety hook is relatively light in weight, and is suitable for connecting various equipments of personal protective equipment and carrying a plurality of spares. However, aluminum alloys are less resistant to cutting and should be avoided from hooking with other sharp metals when used.

 Inspection and maintenance

The shape of Pets Dog Single Hook should be checked frequently. If it is deformed or cut, it should be discarded immediately and no longer used. If there is any intrusion into the lock, such as sand or iron filings, it should be cleaned immediately. Alloy steel safety hooks should be maintained with rust inhibitors and stored in special containers after use. If the safety hook is accidentally dropped from a high place (more than 2m) on a hard ground, its internal alloy composition may be seriously damaged even if it is not damaged, and should be discarded to avoid reuse.

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