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Screw Nut

Jun 28, 2018

Screw (English a screw), refers to the construction machinery parts, it is a class of sharp end nails, small cylindrical or conical metal rod threaded parts, a grooved or pitted head, used alone .

The detection of the screw should begin with the wire of the screw. The quality of a precision screw is directly related to the wire from which the screw is produced. The screw that opens the good screw wire is more beautiful. What screw head burst, what thread is not good. Good screw wire will generally not find this situation.

Chinese name screw a foreign name a screw material metal type parts for construction machinery standard GB-China national standard function fixed, fastened

table of Contents

1 basic classification

2 International standards

3 China Standard

4 Quality Inspection

Basic classification editing

Screws can be divided by name

Machine screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, wallboard screws, fiber board screws, wood screws, hexagonal wood screws, non-protruding screws, combination screws, micro screws, furniture screws, electronic screws

According to the head type can be divided into

1. hexagon head 2. hexagon head with flange 3. square head 4. T head T head (hammer head) 5. flat head mushroom head (truss head 6. The cheese head 7. Round head 8. Pan head 9. Countersunk head (flat head) 10. Countersunk headsunk counter head (oval)

According to slot type can be divided into

1. Philip 2. Ten/One Word 3. One Word 4. Inner Triangle 5. Inner Corner Quartet 6. Cross 7. Misty Word 8. Flower Shape 9. Plum Shape 10. Flower Shape 11. Special Shape 12. Inner Hexagon

International Standard Editor

The actual picture of the screw

The actual picture of the screw

Standards are norms, and each country and department has its own standards. The most commonly used standards in business in peacetime are the following:

GB-Chinese National Standard (GB) ANSI-American National Standard (American Standard)

DIN - German National Standard (German Standard) ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard

JIS - Japanese National Standard (Japanese Standard) BSW - British National Standard

The GB-National Standard is one of many standards in China, and there are also industry standards, professional standards, and departmental standards. National standards are divided into: GB (mandatory standards) and GB/T (recommended standards) and GBn (national internal standards). The things we usually see like GB30, GB5783, etc. are all mandatory standards.

In addition to some basic dimensions such as head-to-edge, head thickness, and the like, the above-mentioned criteria are the difference in the thread portion. GB, DIN, JIS and other threads are all in MM (mm) units, collectively referred to as metric thread. Another thread like ANSI, ASME, etc. is called American Standard thread in inches. In addition to the metric thread and the American thread, there is also a BSW-inch standard, the thread is also in inches, commonly known as Wyeth's thread.

Metric thread is in MM (mm)

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