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Stainless Steel Protective Sleeve for 3/16 cable

Jul 05, 2018

Protective Sleeve is an accessory for protecting wire ropes. In the decoration of cable railing, when the wire rope passes through the hole of the balustrade, the Protective Sleeve is placed on the hole of the hole to make a protective cover, which is both beautiful and avoids the direct contact between the wire rope and the railing hole. The cushioning effect between the wire rope and the railing reduces the friction between them and prolongs the service life of the wire rope and the railing. In terms of aesthetics, the use of Protective Sleeve makes cable railing more aesthetically pleasing, while preventing dust from entering and affecting the aesthetics of the railing.

This product we have a variety of models and styles to meet the needs of different customers, some of the bottom side of the thin section, some tail straight poles long, also have a hole diameter is suitable for 1 / 8 cable and 3 / 16 cable, and The hole diameter is suitable for 1/4 cable and 5/16 cable. Different models and different models are suitable for different railings and wire ropes. If you don't understand what you need, you can communicate with our customers in time, we will give Your professional advice, do-it-yourself DIY cable railing, stylish and diverse, different, cheap.

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