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Stainless Steel Simplex Wire Rope Clip features

Jan 18, 2018

Stainless Steel Simplex Wire Rope Clip features are as follows: 

1. The combination of high strength, the wire rope rupture, thimble will not slip out .

2 can reduce the just death of the clamping margin, saving wire rope, wire rope for the short end The Ministry of fixed, the effect is particularly significant

3 due to the use of anti-rust aluminum alloy filled wire rope between the shares, so that corrosive media intrusion, thus extending the life of wire rope 

4 simple process, high production efficiency, ease of installation of workers Labor intensity 

5. Small size, light weight, handsome in appearance. 

Stainless Steel Simplex Wire Rope Clip Scope of application: 

1.wire rope rope for rope clips, round wire rope, multi-strand wire rope, surface contact wire rope, triangle wire rope. 

2.wire rope clamp Applicable wire rope diameter range: 2mm diameter to 10mm diameter wire rope of various structures can be suppressed. Diameter more than 10mm can be designed and manufactured according to customer specific requirements.

If you want to find a best Stainless Steel Simplex Wire Rope Clip supplier or manufacture,pls contact terada hardware,we will offer you the best serivice.

simplex wire rope clips.jpg

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