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Stainless steel wire rope applications and Profiles

Jan 30, 2018

In the 1830s, wire ropes were designed and developed, mainly used in mine excavation and lifting equipment. With the deepening development of the first industrial revolution, the use of wire ropes has gained popularity and has been used for a wider range of purposes.

Dynamic system, the wire rope is widely used in lifting cranes and elevators, mechanical power transmission, control of the cockpit rod, the control system of the aircraft operation and other fields; static system, the stability of the sling suspension bridge tower, New railings design and other industries, the wire rope also has a wide range of applications.

     With the invention and rapid development of stainless steel materials in the early 20th century, a new type of stainless steel material was used in the field of wire rope manufacturing. With the special physicochemical properties of stainless steel materials, stainless steel wire rope is rapidly accepted and popularized in many fields in Europe and the United States, such as outdoor fence decoration, curtain wall zipper, etc. Widely used.

 Terdada hardware stainless steel wire rope fittings and connectors are very popular in the world welcome. , China's stainless steel wire rope and accessories have long been out of the country, export the world, bright prospects for the development of the industry.

   Stainless steel wire rope: with more or more shares of thin wire into a flexible rope, wire rope is a multi-layer steel wire twist into shares, and then to the core as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted into a spiral rope. In material handling machinery for lifting, towing, taut and load bearing purposes. High strength wire rope, light weight, stable work, easy to suddenly broken the whole root, reliable work.


 A. High dimensional accuracy, up to ± 0.01mm;

 B. Surface quality, good brightness;

 C. Has a strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength and high fatigue strength;

 D. Stable chemical composition, steel Pure quality, low inclusion content (FROM TERADA HARDWARE)


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