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Stainless steelHistorical origin

Feb 02, 2018

The invention and use of stainless steel dates back to the First World War. British scientist Henry Brelley was commissioned by the British Government Armed Forces to study the improvement of weapons. At that time, the rifle firearm used by the soldier was extremely abrasive, and Breuerlee wanted to invent a harder alloy steel.

Stainless steel invented by Brelly Lee was patented by the United Kingdom in 1916 and mass-produced. As a result, stainless steel accidentally discovered from the rubbish heap swept the globe. Henry Brelly was also known as the "father of stainless steel." During the First World War, British firearms on the battlefield were always transported back to the rear due to wear and tear of the bore. Military production department ordered Brerell developed high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel, specializing in the study to solve the problem of wear and tear of the chamber. Brerell and his aides collected various types of steel produced at home and abroad, all kinds of alloy steel of different nature, carried out performance experiments on various machines with different properties, and then selected the more suitable steel to make the gun. One day, they experimented with a domestic alloy steel containing a large amount of chromium. After the wear test, it was found that the alloy was not wearable, indicating that it could not make a firearm. As a result, they recorded the experimental results and fished to the corner thing. A few months later, one of his aides ran excitedly to Brelley with a bright, shiny tile of steel, "Sir, this is the alloy steel that Mr. Mullack found when I cleaned the warehouse, and you Try it out to see if it has any special effect! "" Good! "Breyer looked at the shiny steel and said happily.

Experimental results show that: It is not afraid of acid, alkali, salt, stainless steel. This stainless steel was invented by the German mullahs in 1912, but Mullah did not know what the use of stainless steel.

Brerell said in his heart, "This non-wearable and corrosion-resistant steel can not be made into guns. Can we make cutlery?" He said that he did a stainless steel fruit knife, fork, spoon and fruit plate And folding knife and so on《FROM TERADA》


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