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Talk about the wire rope materials used in wire rope production

Jul 01, 2018

Talk about the steel wire raw materials used in wire rope production

Steel wire is the most basic raw material of wire rope. The quality of steel wire fundamentally affects the quality of wire rope. Therefore, no matter how your wire rope technology and wire rope production process, raw materials can't pass, then the follow-up work can't do well. Make up for this hurdle!

Wire rope raw materials are generally selected from the hard line, sometimes called the wire rod or the disk element, rather than the general line or high line or something. Some Puigao lines are used to produce iron wire, which is different from the nature of steel wire. The wire is soft and the steel wire is hard. The raw material for the production of wire is generally Q195 or Q235. The steel wire is usually made of high carbon steel. Most of the models are concentrated between 45#-85#.

The diameter of the steel wire in the production of steel wire rope is generally from 0.2MM-5MM, the most used is 0.2mm-3mm, the tensile strength of the rope is from 1470MPa-1960MPa, the most used is 1570-1770MPa, the surface of the rope is galvanized, light Face and stainless steel are nothing more than smooth wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope.

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