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Terada Hardware a Professional Weldless Eye nut Manufacture

Jan 21, 2018

As a professional manufacturer, when we produce weldless eye nut, we control the quality of our products very strictly. These products are manufactured by casting factory to finish the maize peel first, then let us finish the meticulous treatment. The casting surface will be thick , The black oxide layer to deal with, exposing the white steel surface itself. For welding rings, the cost of producing them is lower than the cost of the overall rings, but it is much more demanding than the welding technique of welding butt welders whose quality is weaker than that of forging eye nut, weldless eye nut The quality of the key is its welding parts, we as a qualified supplier, welding workers are certified posts, and has a few years, a dozen years of welding technology, so we provide weldless eye nut quality is very high , Each batch of weldless eye nut, there will be a special quality inspection personnel to test the quality of tensile testing to ensure that the welding of tension. Therefore, the weldless eye nut of TERADA HARDWARE is of high quality and low price. Each screw rod of the product is professionally selected, and the complete screw rod of the wire tooth is selected and handed over by a professional welding worker. After the welding is completed, each The welding points of the products are carefully polished to ensure that the products achieve a better appearance on the basis of high quality. We carefully manufacture each product and make high demands on each product with high precision and high quality. Let our customers use the rest assured, with the happy. At the same time we implement the two legs to walk, while creating product quality, strengthen our after-sales service. For customer feedback, timely communication and resolution, so that customers will not worry about the responsibility is not in place, we use the actual action to prove our quality and technology.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

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