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Terada Hardware stainless steel oval sleeves advantages

Jan 21, 2018

SS316 oval sleeves is based on the principle of volume transfer of plastic and other metal,  sleeve wire rope rope end of the technology processing. The process is to place the casing of the wire rope placed in a special mold cavity, under the action of the hydraulic machine, resulting in permanent deformation, so that the wire rope strands and stainless sleeve become non-removable permanently the same body. SS316 sleeve from the planing rope stainless steel sleeve cross-sectional view of the press, stainless steel wire filled with strands and monofilament in the middle, like numerous thin fine lines of stainless steel oval sleeve and wire rope closely together. Rally machine to do the breaking experiment, the wire rope is broken, but the stainless steel oval sleeves connector does not produce slippage, does not rupture, does not detach.

 Its characteristics are as follows:

 1. The conclusion strength is greater than the strength of the matching wire rope, the use of safe and reliable.

 2. Reduce the rope clamp margin, reduce parts, save wire rope, increase lifting capacity

 3. Low price, beautiful appearance, compact structure, light weight. 

4. Disassembly and easy installation, reduce labor intensity, without maintenance and reinforcement, improve production efficiency 

5. Corrosion resistance, wide range of uses, easy to achieve product standardization, serialization, production 

specialization. ss316 oval sleeve a wide range of applications. Hanging wires, tension towers, chimneys and telephone poles. Promise rope car, rope belt conveyor, ropeway traction. Tug boat nets, lumber, salvage sunken, mast mast. Various tower cranes, cranes and a variety of hoisting winch equipment. Dredging vertical shaft to enhance (build wells), vertical well Road, shaft to enhance. Salt well suspension bridge, inclined shaft hoist, lift and various purposes hoisting rigging.(from TERADA HARDWARE)

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