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The main application of stainless steel wire rope

Feb 01, 2018

The main application areas of stainless steel wire rope In recent years, stainless steel wire rope applications gradually expanded and extended in many industries, stainless steel wire rope gradually replaced by other products has become an integral part. The following terada give you a detailed talk about stainless steel wire rope applications. 1, in the chemical industry, chemical fertilizers, chemical fiber and other industries in the equipment reform, the deployment of equipment to update the deployment of the use of stainless steel wire rope. 2, the application of stainless steel electrode and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, adjoining pieces, which are used in stainless steel wire rope. 3, electrified locomotive, power lines on the rings, hangers, stainless steel wire rope these are the areas of application. 4, nylon mesh used in all walks of life, now a considerable part replaced by stainless steel wire rope. 5, railway electrification, decoration industry, rigging industry, fishing gear industry, automobile industry and other industries. As the process continues to mature and progress, stainless steel wire rope is gradually being applied in all fields of people's daily production and living. From the current situation of economic growth in our country, stainless steel wire rope applications will also continue to expand, the industry outlook is promising.《FROM TERADA》cable-railing-fittings06569087420.jpg

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