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Threaded Terminals

May 21, 2018

Experts of the company Terada hardware produce inexpensive, but very reliable and stylish decking threaded terminal, designed for industrial and private buildings. Threaded terminals for balcony structures, made of stainless steel raw materials, give a final look to the facade, decorate it. Balconies are rarely used as decorations, which means that safety of operation must be observed.

The terada enterprise has been engaged in the manufacture of cable railing for a long period of time, observes all the recommendations of state standards, applies only high-quality steel in the production process.

The most important theaded terminals of cable railings for balconies include the standard height, which is equal to one hundred and twenty centimeters, the step between the enclosing elements is from ten to twelve centimeters. It is believed that the fence is able to withstand the stresses, which is one hundred kilograms per meter of construction. Buy a balcony fencing company - to make the right choice. The fixtures on the balcony to the wall and the floor must be rigidly executed.

The terada company produces cable railing for individual design solutions. Masters are able to translate into reality any design of the customer, how original he would not have been.

The threaded terminals used in the work has all the necessary properties and characteristics, which makes it possible to operate the structure for a long period. It is not exposed to moisture, low temperatures or ultraviolet, safe to operate, does not need special care, long time retains a brilliant appearance.

Thread terminals decking can be made of stainless steel material with a different number of bolts on the pins or without them, from a solid triplex piece, have combined inserts made of wood or iron handrail.

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