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Type of wire rope

Jul 03, 2018

Type of wire rope

The wire rope is a plurality of high-strength carbon steel wires with a diameter of 0.3-3 mm, which are first twisted into strands, and then several strands are twisted into a rope around the core. There are many kinds of wire ropes. According to different winding methods, they can be divided into left-handed 捻, right-handed 捻, left-handed 捻, right-handed , and right-handed  wire ropes are commonly used in lifting operations.

According to different steel wire core materials, it can be divided into three types: hemp core, asbestos core and metal rope core. Hemp core wire rope is often used in lifting work. The core is impregnated with lubricating oil to reduce the friction and prevention between the strand and the steel wire. The role of corrosion.

According to the wire rope strand and the number of wires, it can be divided into 6*19, 6*37 and 6*61. The most commonly used lifting gears are 6*19 and 6*37 wire ropes.

According to the wire strand structure, it can be divided into point contact rope, line contact rope and surface contact rope.

The diameter of each layer of the point contact rope is the same, but the pitch of each layer is not equal, so the steel wires cross each other to form a point contact, the contact stress is high during work, and the steel wire is easy to wear and break, which makes the manufacturing process simple.

The wire inside the strand of the wire contact rope has different thickness, and the thin steel wire is placed in the groove of the thick steel wire rope, and the thick steel wire is in line contact state. Due to the small contact stress of the wire contact wire rope, the wire rope has a long life and an increase in flexibility. Since the wire contact wire rope is relatively dense, the wire rope of the same diameter has a larger breaking force. The same-direction  wire rope with the same diameter of the wire inside the strand is also a wire contact rope.

The inner wire of the surface contact rope has a special shape, and a profiled steel wire is used, and the steel wires are in surface contact. Its advantages are smooth appearance, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand large lateral forces; but it is expensive, so it can only be used in special occasions.

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