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What is wire rope?

Jul 11, 2018

The steel wire rope is a spiral steel wire bundle which is made of steel wire which meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometrical dimensions according to certain rules. The steel wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core and grease. The wire rope is firstly formed by a multi-layer steel wire, and then the rope core is centered, and a certain number of strands are twisted into a spiral rope. Used in material handling machinery for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying. The wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable work, and it is not easy to break the whole root and work reliably. In 1834, European Orobert invented the world's first wire rope (glossy wire rope). The first wire rope factory in Tianjin established in 1939 was the first metal products enterprise in China.

The wire rope needs to bear the alternating load during the use of the wire rope, and its performance is used.

Various types of wire rope

Various types of wire rope

It is mainly determined by the mechanical properties of the steel wire, the surface state of the steel wire and the structure of the steel wire rope. The steel wire material consists of carbon steel or alloy steel, which is formed by cold drawing or cold rolling. The cross section of the steel wire has a circular or irregular shape (T-type S-type Z type), and the profiled cross-section steel wire is mainly used for the production of sealing wire rope. High tensile strength and toughness, and suitable surface treatment of steel wire to meet the needs of different environmental conditions.

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