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what type of safety hook

Jul 05, 2018

Safety Swivel Snap Hook, also known as "master lock", is the most commonly used connecting tool for connecting ropes, slings and anchors, and equipment. The Safety Swivel Snap Hook is required to be locked. The locking function is divided into two types: hand-locking and automatic locking. The Safety Swivel Snap Hook is suitable for most environments, but it must be locked immediately after connection. Otherwise, accidents may occur due to accidental equipment collision and the lock door is opened during operation. The unhooked shackle is like the state in which the gate is open, and its pulling force (breaking load) is much lower than the locked state. It is divided into two types: ordinary (rotary) and spring hook (self-locking). The shape is as much as "D" (rescue, military), "8" shape (engineering, construction).

The spring Safety Swivel Snap Hook type is equipped with a spring at one end of the valve, and the ordinary type does not have a spring. When used, it can be used with ropes, risers, descenders, flat belts, etc. In the field of fire protection, safety hooks are mainly used to protect firefighters from falling during operation and also for hauling systems. In the field of engineering, the use of safety hooks is mainly to protect the safety of high-level constructors. Each side of the safety rope is connected with a safety hook, and the safety hook at one end is hooked on the half ring on the seat belt, and the safety hook at the other end is hooked on other fixed buildings (anchor) after ascending. The parameters of the safety hook are the working tension (WS) and the blasting force (BS). The parameters of the safety hooks are different according to different standards and manufacturers.

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