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Why Our Swage Stud Terminal Have a High Quality

Jan 24, 2018

Stainless steel 316 High intensity resistance swage stud have high-strength anti-oxidation type, maybe you may wonder your swage stud material is already 316 stainless steel Why must a high-intensity anti-oxidation it? What is the benefit of it? Why is it high-intensity anti-oxidant?

Stainless steel 316 can indeed rust, but why stainless steel rust occurs, in fact, not the material does not meet the standard, but the tool used in the production process is iron, metal friction iron ions account for the product surface, the formation of Pseudo-rust, of course, as a excellent manufacturer, we will not allow customers to be troubled by these, so we use a high-strength surface treatment, the surface of the product to form a meticulous oxidation film to protect the product, so that the product of anti-corrosion More effective.

What is the benefit of it? The benefit is to avoid the false rust caused by the tool friction and prolong the use of the product, so that the anti-oxidation of stainless steel goes to a higher level. Why is it high strength? Because our products are hardened on the surface , And then the oxide film processing, so that the product surface double protection, stainless steel 316 can extend the rusty life in acidic environment, to bring you a better product experience.

Terada Hardware is trying hard to make products, we will take every detail of the products carefully, whether it is customer's sample or drawing, we are carefully researching and producing the products with the best plan, while ensuring the quality of the products, To a better price, so that customers as much as possible cost savings, with better advantages stand in the fierce market competition.(From Terada Hardware)

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