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Wire and cable wiring standard

Sep 27, 2017

If the joint is well done, the contact resistance is not large, and the degree of heat is the same as that without a joint. As well, no welding wire and cable winding, wire to the terminal equipment, with no special joint or not connected firmly tightened, the contact resistance at the connection is greatly increased.

While the quantity of heat current and resistance is proportional to the size, in the same loop through the same amount of current situation, the more resistance, the more heat, the temperature will rise very high, can be as high as the insulation layer burning wire, so that nearby dust, fiber burning, and make the adjacent wood, clothing and other combustible materials on fire. If the joint is loose, bad contact, electricity and heating and will produce sparks; if there is no joint with insulating cloth, two joints are close to each other, often caused by the touch line short circuit and electric spark, the adjoining fuel ignites.

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