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Wire rope clips

Jul 09, 2018

Wire rope clips

The Wire rope clips of the wire rope is mainly used for the temporary connection of the steel wire rope and the fixing of the rear hand rope when the steel wire rope is wound around the pulley group, and the fixing of the cable wind rope head on the mast, etc., including the phosphating coated steel wire rope, the galvanized steel wire rope, the stainless steel. Wire rope and smooth wire rope. It is a wider wire rope clamp used in lifting and hoisting operations.

Other names: wire rope clamps, reels, wire reels, wire clamps, wire ropes.

Chinese name Wire rope clips

Commonly found in the market is carbon steel casting process, the national standard stipulates that the cast Wire rope clips can be used. However, with the development of modern industrialization, casting Wire rope clips should be used with caution due to some defects in natural processes (pores, cracks, sand inclusions) in special occasions such as humidity, acidity, and shock frequency. Hebei Tieren Machinery has developed a forged wire rope chuck. The purpose of the Wire rope clips:

First, carbon steel casting wire rope chucks are commonly used for static bolting, rope cable fastening, such as power, communication lines, strapping and fastening.

Forged Wire rope clips are often used for lifting and lifting load, such as various engineering cranes, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field derricks, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, aviation and marine, land transportation, engineering rescue, salvage shipwreck , factory and mining enterprises lifting, hoisting, traction rigging.

Stainless steel Wire rope clips are used in marine fittings, chemical plants, radiation, etc. due to their corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Second, the characteristics: with the strength of the wire rope, the use of safety, the appearance of the beautiful transition smooth, lifting work safety load, can withstand the impact load, long service life.

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