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Wire Rope Produce 3

Jul 17, 2018


The process of producing the steel wire rope by spirally arranging the strands around the center line of the rope core on the rope machine. The rope should be strictly in accordance with the wire rope manufacturing process regulations. After the rope machine is selected, the ropes should be carefully selected. The specifications, structure, and direction of the strands (see the wire rope method) and length should meet the requirements for the wire rope manufacturing card. After the stock is selected, the stock bearing wheel is mounted on the wheel bracket of the rope machine. In the tying process, the installation of the spool, the threading method of the strand, the adjustment of the tanning parameters, and the tanning operation are the same as those in the tanning. Compared with the scorpion, the tying rope differs only in the tanning process. The twisting of the wire rope is divided into three types: the twisting of the single twisted steel wire rope, the twisting of the double twisted steel wire rope and the twisting of the three twisted steel wire rope.

The single-twist wire rope tanning method and the tanning process are basically the same as the tanning method and the tanning process of the same structure. The only difference is that in the single-twist wire rope, the twist directions of the tanning layers around the core are alternated. The change is determined by the direction of the outer wire. The sealed steel wire rope is a single twisted steel wire rope. The twisting method is similar to the twisted single stranded steel wire rope. The difference is that the twisted wire outside the rope core must always face the outer surface of the wire rope. Twisting of the profiled wire outside the sealed wire rope core is generally done on special equipment.

Double twisted steel wire ropes are usually made of 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 strands of strands. It can reach up to 36 strands, with many varieties and complicated structure. It is the most widely used steel wire rope. The most common application is a double-twisted wire rope consisting of 6 strands. The medium and small size double-twist wire rope can be made by a tubular ramming machine. The coarse gauge steel wire rope, especially the same direction 捻 wire rope (see wire rope 捻 method), is made by a basket type rope tying machine. The special-shaped strand steel wire rope can be made by special equipment, or the round strands can be transformed into a special-shaped strand on a common rope machine and then made into a steel wire rope. The surface contact wire rope can be manufactured by a special-shaped wire rope tanning method or by a plastic compression method. The plastic compression method is to draw or roll the rounded strands during the twisting of the strands, so that the steel wires in the strands are plastically deformed, the contact state of the strands in the strands is changed, and then the strands are made into the strands. The twisting of the three-twist wire rope is the same as that of the double-twist wire rope, but the number of twisting is increased.

All wire ropes should be made loose. The non-loose property of the wire rope is achieved by pre-deforming the strands during the rope assembly. The wire rope of the metal core can also be obtained by heat treatment to obtain the looseness. In order to improve the mechanical properties and non-loose properties of the wire rope, in addition to the pre-deformation of the strands in the case of the rope, the strand straightening process is also widely used in the strands and the ropes to eliminate the twisting stress of the wire rope.

A wire rope oiling groove is arranged between the traction wheel and the wire take-up device of the rope machine to apply oil to the wire rope. After the steel wire is oiled, it is evenly wound around the spool of the take-up mechanism by the wire arranging mechanism. After the tanning is completed, the rope end of the wire rope is fastened with a soft steel wire and fixed on the wheel of the spool.

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