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Wire Rope Sleeves

Jan 23, 2018

Wire rope sleeve is a key part of construction machinery and lifting equipment. At present, commonly used methods of stainless sleeve are wire rope clamp, knot fixing, wedge wedge connection, conical sleeve casting method and stainless simplex sleeve pressing link Wait. With stainless steel sleeve pressing the link, the use of reliable technology to make sleeves and wire rope closely and firmly bonded, the connection strength should reach the wire rope breaking tension. Currently at home and abroad have been widely used stainless steel sleeve link, the connector shape shown in Figure 1, the specific structure is the combination of wire rope end sleeve a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeve, the sleeve external pressure, so that at room temperature Under plastic deformation, crowded between steel strands share stainless steel, the use of stainless steel and wire rope and the friction between wire rope and cable to bear the axial load. As the rope structure of many rules, the same nominal diameter and structure, different core wire rope with different cross-section metal plumpness (metal cross-sectional area and nominal diameter circumscribed circle area), the same size and thickness of the stainless steel sleeve will be pressure Different casing diameter.

In order to ensure our customers to use high quality stainless steel sleeve, stainless steel sleeve in the rope link to expand the application of the stainless steel sleeve prone to the problem of research, the most dangerous of them to break the innovation, manufacture and produce in line with the majority of users favorite Product, be a good supplier and manufacture.

Choose Terada cable sleeve, you peace of mind to use, we use the most advanced suppression technology, make the product more smooth and beautiful, and because of our preferred high-quality stainless steel, made out of products, more ductile performance, easier to be customers Love, choose us is your best choice.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

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