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Causes Of Wire Rope Damage

Sep 27, 2017

Wire rope in the use of several common causes of damage

1, the fracture of wire rope, in the use of violent impact lead rope running overload, damage, local wear, or wire rope in severe corrosion, fatigue, speeding, slipping under the condition of a few strands of wire rope or fracture.

2, the steel rope twisted deformation and bending, wire rope pulling out of the rope pulley is not correct, or in the drum winding is not correct, fixed improperly lead to its distortion, bending.

3. During the lifting process, the damage is caused by relaxation, and the steel rope is frequently used. The running beam causes the wire rope to bend at the rope clamp and leads to fatigue and fracture of the steel wire.

4 、 the steel wire rope is damaged in lifting operation, in the hoisting operation, the steel rope is improperly used, causing damage or fatigue fracture.

5, wire rope twist distance, elongation or contraction, because in the lifting operation, the wire rope is often overloaded, so that the wire rope core twist is squeezed, resulting in elongation or contraction.

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