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Happy New Year,2018 Terada Hardware

Jan 03, 2018

As 2017 is coming to an end, terada hardware is bitter and delightful in this coming year. The bitterness is that in the national environmental crisis, we carry out industrial upgrading, eliminating the previously polluting technology, butterfly-like cocoon-like transformation, although in the process affect the customer delivery, but customers have given support and Understand, although the industrial upgrading is very hard, but every time you get the customer's recognition and understanding of my heart is very happy and pleased. We are delighted that terada hardware doubled its performance in 2017 and added the production line. While maintaining good old customers, we also added new customers. Here, we would like to thank old and new customers for their trust and support for Terada hardware. Year, terada hardware will continue to forget the beginning, do a good job of product quality, ensure good delivery, to the customer the most intimate service.

2018, we Terada hardware will continue to forget the beginning, serious before. Lead our production team and sales team in Rigging hardware, cable railing systerm, the other fastener, in the 2018 new year, get better performance.


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