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New Hot Products Stainless Steel Eye Plates

Mar 07, 2018

Our products are widely used in European and American customers. We mainly produce 304 and 316 stainless steel eye plates. These products are mainly used for fixing and pulling. Because of their convenience and efficiency, they are favored by customers .

We stock a huge variety of high quality stainless steel eye plates, all are marine grade which means rust resistant, durable and finished to a high quality. These are some of our best selling items, available in stainless steel.

Our range of eye plates including hooks, rings, pads, staples and diamond ring plates, with eye plates also available in a range of styles.

They are ideal for use in many applications including wall plates for sun sail shades, lashing points, mooring plates, gardening and architectural rigging. All our marine products are tough and manufactured to a high level of quality.(TERADA HARDWARE/ www.teradahardware.com)

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