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Stainless Steel Turnbuckle In Rigging Hardware Series

Mar 05, 2018

As the Chinese year is coming to a close, Terada hardware are also embarking on a new week of new production as we begin production. Our production has begun now.


In our rigging hardware seriesturnbuckle is hotter productsTurnbuckles are used in industrial and other applications that required a large amount of tension. They can range in mass from a few grams for thin cable wiring to thousands of kilograms for large-scale structural elements found in suspension bridges and in buildings. Other uses include aircraft, shipping, and pipe systems to name a few. Turnbuckles are often used in conjunction with an eyebolt. Terada sells a wide range of  turnbuckle that include JIS type turnbuckleEuropean type turnbuckle and US type turnbuckle ,most of the turnbuckle body is casting,such as JIS type and European Type,but some US type turnbuckle body is specific,which is forged, the tension is better than casting, also the big engineering project prefer it, forged turnbuckle body require big machine to produce it, our factory owned 1000T punching machine,meanwhile the worker need have more experience in forged stainless steel rigging hardware.By a way,US type turnbuckle most body is casting,due to the cost is cheaper than forged body, most client can accepted the price if their are not need a big tension.(TERADA HARDWARE/www.teradahardware.com)

open body turnbuckle.jpg

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