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Terada Hardware 2018 Meeting

Jan 08, 2018

January 8, 2018, Monday

TERADA HARDWARE leadership as a hardware manufacturing industry representatives attended the 2018 Economic Development Planning Commission report, District Governor made a speech at the meeting, the meeting called for manufacturing-oriented enterprises, conscientiously implement the party's Nineteenth Guidelines, create a green economy, and actively promote Business transformation, in particular, affirmed TERADA HARDWARE hard work and struggle in the past year, and actively cooperate with the government, vigorously remediation of enterprise sewage treatment, and strive to do green manufacturing enterprises.

In 2018, manufacturing enterprises shall actively make innovations, introduce innovative talents, promote the transformation of enterprises and standardize their production. After the meeting is completed, leaders of the company convenes a meeting of the company and conveys the main points of work for 2018 to the general staff and workers, and formulates the production management in 2018 Ordinance, made rigorous quality inspection requirements for the rigging hardware and cable railing product line of terada hardwar, and will set up a special team to audit and optimize the packaging and brand concept of rigging hardware and cable railing. In 2018 terada hardware will Rigging hardware and cable railing in the field of high-end brands, and strive to give customers a new product experience.


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