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Terada Hardware Cable Railing Fittings Used Widely

Jan 21, 2018

Today is Sunday, but due to the Spring Festival, the backlog of orders is relatively large. TERADA HARDWARE worker master is still busy overtime production, we produce the cable railing turnbuckle and cable swage ends are exported to Europe and the United States, is now a hot trendy specializing in the hot products, and even many stars recently home also use this cable railing style .

Home market is now more and more active, stainless steel railings in the renovation process is a large number of essential decoration materials. However, each household has its own characteristics, the demand for stainless steel balustrades is also very different. Useful press pressure out, each specification of the tube has a set of molds, and some will be customized according to customer requirements, which must be large quantities, so the stainless steel railings process according to customer demand for targeted research and development.

Terada Hardware cable railing series, swage stud turnbuckle is widely used, and even the more recent fire drama "Dear Ours" where the hero's house is decorated with our cable railing style, beautiful and elegant, with suitable railing fitting, let The whole house is simple but not simple, can better highlight the owner's taste.

If you also want to have the same good decoration as the TV personality, please contact us today and we will provide you with a complete renovation program so that you can realize your dreams of decoration immediately.

handrail stair.jpg

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