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Terada Hardware Spirit In Snow Day

Jan 11, 2018

Today is a very cold day after winter, with temperatures reaching minus 10 degrees. Although the workshop has heating facilities, after one night's cold all night, some of the equipment's antirust liquid is frozen and the machine is cold and bitter. However, in order to complete the backlog of orders on time, our workers came to the shop early to hot water, heat the machine and get busy today.

Dear customers such manufacturers, such workers, do you still hesitate? We are struggling to produce the first line because of the cold winter and the summer heat. Because there are many brothers and sisters waiting for our rigging hardware, there are some workers in urgent need of our cable railing. They are also striving for the first place in the production and installation Line, they are also deadlines. Our shackle may be a lifting team, our stainless turnbuckle may be on power equipment, our stainless snap hooks, maybe the chains of your cute pets, and the stainless cable railing we make may be on the rails of your stairs and doorway , But no matter what product we are in, we are always trying to produce it. We do not even know where it is used for some products. But customer drawings are our baton. Customer samples are our products. As long as you can Think of it, we can do it for you, our Treada's master is the steel sculptor, piece of material, in their hands, the blink of an eye into the car accessories, car accessories, we are not afraid of suffering, we are willing Create the hardware products they want for our customers.

Welcome to be your parter, Just do your factory.

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