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The Delvery Time Of Threaded Swage Terminal And Turnbuckle Hardware

Jan 25, 2018

Recently the Spring Festival approaching, the customers are also very concerned about, especially the customers are still waiting for delivery, not mail, is Skype asked, the goods are good, what time to send our turnbuckle body hardware, what time to send our threaded swage terminal Our threaded eye terminal and cable turnbuckle hardware production process how? Here for these issues, we unify the official reply. Please rest assured that customers, Terada Hardware in the Spring Festival will be completed before the relevant Rigging hardware and cable railing hardware production, all normal, we will deliver to you on schedule. Our initial plan is February 6, 2018, the year before the orders of the entire production ended, before February 9, all the goods shipped out after another. We February 12, in addition to business people at home to maintain post-service, all other business all suspended.

However, you do not have to worry about the impact of the Spring Festival holiday and our communication, all of our staff are always smooth communication, you have orders and product advice, and we can still promptly contact, we will do our best to help you solve.

 I wish you have a happy day and owned a good mood!

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