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Stainless Steel Cable Railing



    Cable railing is Qingdao terada hardware main research and development production of stainless steel products, these products are mainly divided into two European markets and North American markets products, mainly for outdoor and indoor railings... Read More

  • SS316 7X7 Wire Rope

    SS316 7X7 Wire Rope

    Rope The process of producing the steel wire rope by spirally arranging the strands around the center line of the rope core on the rope machine. The rope should be strictly in accordance with the wire rope manufacturing process regulations. After the rope... Read More

  • Stainless Steel 7x19 Cable

    Stainless Steel 7x19 Cable

    Wire Cable Stock Type, structure and use of the strands The type, structure, raw materials and production process of the strands depend on the application. Generally, the steel wire rope is made of a carbon steel wire having a circular cross section of 0.1... Read More

  • AISI 316 Cable 1x19

    AISI 316 Cable 1x19

    Production Process The production of steel wire rope has three basic processes of drawing, twisting and tying. Drawing Raw materials: Wire drawing is the process of pickling, phosphating, shelling, and blanking of raw materials, one or more pull-ups, and... Read More

  • UNC Thread Long Swage Stud

    UNC Thread Long Swage Stud

    Long Swage Stud is a product developed with advanced technology. The long process of such a long thread can not be processed, because the product is too long, the traditional processing, easy to uneven, tremble, and the product process is difficult to meet... Read More

  • AISI 316 Swage Stud For 3mm Wire Rope

    AISI 316 Swage Stud For 3mm Wire Rope

    AISI 316 Swage Stud for 3mm Wire Rope, mainly used for mater wire rope, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ..., this swage stud is mater thread like, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M14..., he is widely used in metric accessories, and is favored by countries that... Read More

  • Metric Thread AISI 316 Swage Stud

    Metric Thread AISI 316 Swage Stud

    Metric Thread AISI 316 Swage Stud,Material is stainless steel 316,MM thread, have may size, such as M6 thread, we have for 3.2 cable,4 cable. We accept special customization, tailor-made special size products for special projects, all The products are... Read More

  • UNC Thread Stainless Steel Swage Stud

    UNC Thread Stainless Steel Swage Stud

    The swage stud for 1/8 cable, material is stainless steel 316, high-definition corrosion-resistant, high-surface finish, 1/4 UNC thread, also can do 1/4 UNF thread, the same model also M6 thread type, this product not only Suitable for 1/8 cable, also for... Read More

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    Feel free to buy stainless steel cable railing for sale from professional stainless steel cable railing hardware,Handrail fittings,Cable Railing fittings manufacturers and suppliers here. For more questions, welcome to contact us.
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